George Schaub  |  Jul 14, 2011  |  0 comments
How do you work with your camera’s white balance (color temperature) control?
I customize it for every different lighting condition.
36% (89 votes)
I leave it on Auto and it takes care of all my shots, then I change it in processing if needed.
59% (143 votes)
I leave it on Daylight because I want to keep a color cast in the exposure.
5% (12 votes)
Total votes: 244
George Schaub  |  Jun 16, 2011  |  3 comments
Do you think that the stabilization trend in lenses will lessen the use of tripods for you?
Yes, with an image stabilization lens tripods are only necessary in rare instances.
8% (55 votes)
No, regardless of using image stabilization lenses, there’s simply no substitute for the image quality you get by using a tripod
28% (183 votes)
I would use both, as each has its purposes and one doesn’t necessarily cancel the use of the other.
63% (411 votes)
Total votes: 649
Editor  |  May 05, 2011  |  6 comments
If you have made photo books, briefly comment on the software you have found the easiest to work with.
Yes, I believe they are great ways to share images.
83% (66 votes)
No, but I plan to explore them soon.
13% (10 votes)
No, I share my images online.
5% (4 votes)
Total votes: 80
Editor  |  Apr 08, 2011  |  61 comments
Please comment briefly on your experience with IS lenses and whether they have proven to be beneficial to your work.
Very important and I would make a purchasing decision based on the lens having this feature.
64% (74 votes)
Not important. I prefer getting a lens with a faster maximum aperture at all focal lengths.
25% (29 votes)
Does not apply because I have IS built into the camera body I own.
11% (13 votes)
Total votes: 116
Editor  |  Mar 15, 2011  |  85 comments
Please comment on your predictions and thoughts on the future of film as a recording medium.
I never shot film and all my photo work is digital.
20% (45 votes)
I still shoot primarily with film.
32% (70 votes)
I shoot film, but rarely.
48% (106 votes)
Total votes: 221
Editor  |  Feb 08, 2011  |  56 comments
Please briefly comment on your experience with polarizer and ND filters for your DSLR photography.
Yes, I still work with glass filters and always carry NDs and a polarizer.
77% (115 votes)
No, I get all the special effects I need from software.
19% (29 votes)
I am not sure what advantage ND or polarizer filters offer.
3% (5 votes)
Total votes: 149
Editor  |  Jan 17, 2011  |  40 comments
Please comment briefly on your experience with smart phone photography.
Yes, I do take some images with camera phones and would like to see coverage in the magazine.
20% (20 votes)
No, it is more like a basic point and shoot and don't think you should cover it.
70% (69 votes)
I am curious, though I haven't used it for anything but casual snapshots.
9% (9 votes)
Total votes: 98
Editor  |  Dec 08, 2010  |  56 comments
Please comment briefly on your experience with and/or need for custom White Balance tools and techniques.
I just leave the camera on Auto White Balance because it does a fine job most of the time.
17% (29 votes)
I use an Auto White Balance accessory and Custom set White Balance regularly.
39% (69 votes)
I shoot all my images in Raw format and process for fine control of White Balance then.
44% (77 votes)
Total votes: 175
Editor  |  Nov 15, 2010  |  39 comments
Please comment briefly on your experience with GPS devices and integration with software like Google Earth and iPhoto.
Yes, I would enjoy having a GPS function built in and it would sway my decision.
45% (43 votes)
No, I would never use it.
46% (44 votes)
I need to learn more about its capabilities.
8% (8 votes)
Total votes: 95
Editor  |  Oct 13, 2010  |  38 comments
Please comment briefly on your RAW file processing experience.
Stick with the manufacturer software.
16% (22 votes)
Use Aperture, Lightroom, ACR or other third-party software.
77% (108 votes)
Don't shoot RAW, so it doesn't apply.
8% (11 votes)
Total votes: 141