Please comment briefly on your experience with GPS devices and integration with software like Google Earth and iPhoto.

Please comment briefly on your experience with GPS devices and integration with software like Google Earth and iPhoto.
Yes, I would enjoy having a GPS function built in and it would sway my decision.
45% (43 votes)
No, I would never use it.
46% (44 votes)
I need to learn more about its capabilities.
8% (8 votes)
Total votes: 95

Heather's picture

On a tight budget, I don't really see it as being worth it. Although if you've got the money hanging around to be spent, hey why not?

John Sichenze's picture

Would love it my phone does it so I take one picture with that for the GPS coordinates.

Robert Mark's picture

I do rock art recording. A built in GPS would be a significant advantage.

Alton Marsh's picture

I am concerned about the battery power required by internal camera GPS receivers.

Bob M.'s picture

GPS sounds nice. But, some photographer is going to take a picture from a vantage point that is questionable and the GPS will be evidence in a lawsuit or criminal proceeding. Not only would I not use it, I don't want it on my camera. That being said I have not nor do I plan to be taking pictures in "questionable" places. I just know lawsuit happy our society tends to be.

DeLain Bomer's picture

I know where I am when I take a picture. I would rather the $$ go toward technology that helps create better quality images.

Michael Larson's picture

I have used GPS with a AMOD GPS tracker. Since I cruise a lot it gives me the location info ofmy photos that will let me identify where I was when I shot them. 20 or 30 years from know your memory may need a little help as too location especially when you travel to areas like the Carribean or the Hawiian iclands.

Joel's picture

I'd buy a new Canon SLR just for the GPS.

Bill H.'s picture

Just another add-on that is a gimmick for would-be photo shooters.

Liz Schultz's picture

The GPS feature would be one of the items I would consider in slecting a new camera but not a very high priority. I have taken a few vacations where we took may long day trips, stopping frequently to sightsee and take pictures. Some of the stops were at places along the road with no town or landmark nearby. I'm usually good at keeping track, one way or another, of where I've taken my pictures, but when you are with family and friends and making frequent quick stops, it's easy to forget things. The GPS feature would be better than labeling my photos "somewhere along the road to xxxx."

Don Jablonski's picture

Camera manufacturers should concentrate their efforts on picture quality not gadgets that no one asked for.

Ned Levi's picture

I use a GPS unit now, and take all photos with it. As primarily a travel and wildlife photographer, having GPS data helps with travel location identification, and can help create a walking tour. For wildlife, having the GPS data helps document the location of capturing the images during a shoot and maps them.

Bob Fox's picture

This would help me know where a photo was taken while traveling.

Chuck Kopelson's picture

I have a solmeta GPS for my Nikon and I love it.

D.  Lynn Justis's picture

Aerial Photography is my full time business. This would be a great tool. And, paying for a tool is always acceptable.

Gary Resek's picture

I would use it if was available, but it would not be a deciding factor.

Gene Sellier's picture

I wish my Nikon D300 had GPS built-in. External unit works but requires connection through a 10 pin cable & either blocks the hot shoe or is a pain to mount so that a clear shot to the satellites is available. Built-in would be a lot more convenient.

Bruce Hildebrand's picture

All photos are taken at a time and place. GPS info would add a way of categorizing images.

Ed Wood's picture

I have it, I never use it. Do I really care to know the map coordinates where a pic was taken. NO! This is another gimmick by the makers of iPhoto etal to sell more software and hardware.

Jim Cubberley's picture

I have a garmin GPS, and would use if needed. Can't really see the need for GPS in camera.

Gene Kimball's picture

Before I would buy such a camera, the GPS must have an on/off option for those instances I felt did not warrant its inclusion and it must be able to be removed from meta data if it is used.

Michael McGuire's picture

I really don't feel the need to pinpoint my whereabouts every time I photograph something. I have always known where I am in a general way, i.e., I can find my way home or to wherever I am staying.

Blayden Thompson's picture

I took a trip to Oregon and shot for a week. On return I can't tell which waterfall belonged to which location. A GPS location would be very useful.

Grumps 's picture

I might use it now and then BUT it would not sway my decision on what to buy. Just a tool that I might or not use.

Les Greer's picture

I already embed GPS Data in most of my photos. Having that feature availage for both raw and JPEG's would save a few steps in post processing.

Roger's picture

Knowing where the photo was taken can be useful. I have used Microsoft Pro Photo Tools to put locations into some photos after the fact just to learn the process, but that is inexact and time consuming. I use a handheld GPS for some non-photo things and am aware that in many conditions a GPS does not get good satelite readings and is lost.

Jack Coughlan's picture

Cameras now have too much "junk" in general, but an internal GPS is an excep- tion, and is useful.

Ed B.'s picture

I use GPS in a hand held unit extensively but I don't think I would ever desire the capability built into the camera. The GPS has many non-camera uses and I don't want to turn the camera on each time I use the GPS. I use Google Maps extensively to locate areas to photograph. I find Street View helpful to get a preview of the area.

Susannah Sofaer Kramer's picture

I have a Photo Tracker Mini and it was invaluable in reconstructing my trip to Ireland this spring, but sometimes I forget to "click" it. How great would it be to have it built in to the camera.

Bob Crum's picture

I often go way off the beaten path for particular landscape shots and without GPS coordinates it's all but impossible to tell selected others where the heck I was. So... all else being equal, I'd love a GPS function built in the camera, all else being equal. I shoot a Canon 7D and oh how sweet it'd be if it had GPS metadata in the RAW file. How long do I have to keep lusting?