Please comment briefly on your experience with smart phone photography.

Please comment briefly on your experience with smart phone photography.
Yes, I do take some images with camera phones and would like to see coverage in the magazine.
20% (20 votes)
No, it is more like a basic point and shoot and don't think you should cover it.
70% (69 votes)
I am curious, though I haven't used it for anything but casual snapshots.
9% (9 votes)
Total votes: 98

Jay McIntyre's picture

Camera phones, iPhone 4 specifically, offer endless opportunity for creativity, I enlarge and sell a great deal of my iPhone prints.

Mike Matone's picture

I know with the smart phones and all the apps that they have, yes you can do a lot of things but i do not see this becoming a valid form of imaging. Now being a photographer that has used both film and digital, I think that the cameras in the smart phones are great for getting pictures if you are somewhere and you don't have your camera, but I don't see them taking over the digital camera. Just imagine if your are someone who is planing for a wedding and you see your photographer coming with his smart phone and using his smart phone in place of his huge camera bag with all his lenses. I just can't see that happening. So I don't think that using a camera on a smart phone is a valid form of imaging.

Eugene F.  Kent's picture

With more cell phones with cameras outpacing point and shoot it should not be neglected. As nearly all youth usees them as cameras.

Samuel's picture

I love taking pictures with my Blackberry. Its so convenient and a lot easier than carrying my Nikon everywhere.

D.  Ganly's picture

Not yet. In time it may develop some unique and useful features.

Mel Reimer's picture

Although it appears the average public considers this an adequate, even suitable, way of taking their pictures, until phone cameras can match even the worst camera picture taking ability, the subject doesn't belong in a Professional Photography publication.

DJ Wolf's picture

Until the phones have the sophistication of a real camera they should not be included. They are like a Kodak instamatic compared to an SLR, or even a really good point & shoot. They do not have the controls necessary to take a great image, other than by luck or good fortune.

Jim's picture

Let's stick to real photography!

cmobilephones's picture

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MIchael Weis's picture

Personally, the more serious I get about photography, the bigger my kit and the less likely I'll have it with me everyday. But, my phone is with me all the time. So, while I wouldn't choose to use it, I do use it regularly. I'm on the verge of buying a smartphone and sure would like a photographer's evaluation of some of the major models. Beyond that, other than tips on post-processing of point & shoot images, I'm sure I would want much more.

Richard Forest's picture

Smart phone photography has no place in Shutterbug.

Mike Tupy's picture

Although there are a lot of these phones out there, I don't think that people buy them for the camera and certianly would not buy the magazine to learn how to take better photos with their phone. They should get a camera if they want to take better shots.

Mike Booth's picture

Cameras take pictures and phones make calls - each good at its job. You cannot be a specialist in many fields.

Herbert Mccoy's picture

Cameras are made for shooting photos, not iphones.

Richard Balgowan's picture

The camera function on the smart phones is a secondary function. The smart phones primary functions are for cell phone and internet access. I wouldn't want to see Shutterbug waste space to cover these devices used as a camera.

Russ White's picture

Dont think this format should be considered as, "photography".

John DuMong's picture

Every now an then my son gets a great sunset with his iphone. We see them everywhere and people shoot hunderds of photos with a few lucky shots.

Louise's picture

I've used my Droid Fantastic and have been very pleased with the quality of the "snapshots" I've taken. With 8 mp, my shots are clear and crisp. I don't haul my camera around as much when I'm just out and about.

Bill's picture

I love digital photography but don't see the need for a "serious" photography magazine to cover camera phones. leave that up to point & shoot magazines.

Bruce M.  Burge's picture

Forget about it. I want professional advice for professional camers - not toys!

Roland Johnson's picture

With the explosion of social networking, smart phones can edit and process the smaller images taken on a spur of the moment and then within minutes shared with friends and family, looking like it came from a professional. As of this date, it will not replace a print or Hi-res images, but it is just plain fun.

David Hall's picture

This is the most basic of photography. Sharp on small mp apps and good only for simple shots which is where it is used most.

Jeff Lane's picture

Ok, if you have nothing else to capture an image with at the time.

Sander's picture

Even on high end phones, the cameras are so basic, this shouldn't be taken seriously...yet.

Joyce Harman's picture

The photographer makes the photo, not the camera, I take techincally great photos with the iphone, can process sitting at the dinner table, have won prizes at competitions and sell framed iphone photos in my gallery.

Ben F.  's picture

One can be incredibly creative & artistic even with a simple cellphone camera. The variety of retouching/editing/special effects programs have really turned cpc's into a wonderful way to capture the world around us.

Richard Edwards's picture

I use an iPod Touch and sometimes it's all I have with me! The more help the better.

Jim's picture

Like most people I have taken snapshots with my cell phone. I have only done this when my camera was not available and I wanted to capture the moment. The photo quality of my phone is poor so I don't use it for anything serious. I really don't want to spend time reading about this type of photography.

Philip Prestano's picture

Smart phone images should be covered by Shutterbug because they are ruining photography and taking image quality back at least a century.

Kevin Brazell's picture

I use a couple of the better apps, and I do use the my iphone in a pinch, but don't lose space to normal gear though!