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The only thing worse than not using the photo gear you have is not having the photo gear you want to use. But there’s an easy way to turn the tables: sell or trade in the equipment to MPB, the largest global online platform to buy, sell or trade used photo and video gear. Get the ball rolling with a free, instant online quote—without commitment. Every step of the process is easy, safe and fast, and you get your money sent directly to your bank. MPB even picks up the tab when you ship a product to them.

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Olympus just announced the M.Zuiko Digital ED 90mm f/3.5 Macro IS Pro for Micro Four Thirds systems. Shutterbug has obtained an early sample and is currently preparing a full review. In the meantime, here’s a rundown on this exciting new lens.

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Go large: display your favorite images in your home or apartment as high quality Wall Décor you can see and enjoy every day. Do this, and you’ll learn that the most beautiful words you’ll ever hear from someone who visits your home are, “Wow! Did YOU take that photo?”

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Zoner Photo Studio X is easy to learn, totally affordable and produces results as good as any other top-line photo editor—good enough to satisfy professionals. That’s the consensus of two ZPS X experts who happen to be successful professional photographers.

And they concur that Zonerama, the free, secure cloud storage and sharing playground for photographers and videographers of all levels, is a major added plus.

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What if you could access every image in your photo library while traveling – and rely on a simple solution to protect the photos you capture on the road?

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How many printed collections of your best photographs do you have? If the answer is anywhere near zero, you’re missing one of the most rewarding and enjoyable ways to showcase your talents.

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Show your best images to the world by posting in the Shutterbug Photo of the Day gallery. Here’s the quick and easy procedure along with some tips to help you navigate to the right place, and even some advice about composition and subject matter.

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Successful destination wedding and elopement photographer Alexandra Schweinberger, based in Austria, first adopted the .photography domain name to brand her business back in 2019 to tell the world who she is, what she does, and that she’s serious about her craft.

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Even in the caveman era we could see evidence of storytelling and as man evolved so did our ability to tell a story.  Since the rise of YouTube and social media, the importance and dominance of storytelling has become a phenomenal power. With entire businesses being built around their backstory to Instagram accounts accumulating millions of followers because of the story they tell; storytelling has become a tool louder than any other.

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Uploading images to social media is fast and easy, but not really the best primary way to share them, especially during the hectic holiday season. Emailing your favorite shots to friends and family members is an option, but that method has some uncertainty, too. And how many recipients save them after they see them? An image that exists only as a digital file has a fragile lifespan.