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It’s completely understandable. You have camera equipment that you seldom use but you’re reluctant to trade or sell it because you have some legitimate concerns—despite the fact that you could trade your underused gear for photo items you really want or plain hard cash. Here’s some advice that can help you make an informed decision.

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If you're familiar with Aftershoot's AI-driven Culling app, prepare to be amazed by their latest innovation: Aftershoot EDITS. This cutting-edge AI editing software streamlines the entire post-shoot workflow, saving photographers countless hours and preserving their unique editing styles.

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How long has it been since you cleaned out your camera equipment bag? Take a look right now. If you’re still hanging on to gear that you haven’t used in the past six months (six weeks for truly active photographers) it may be time to shed the old or underused stuff and buy the equipment you need to expand your abilities—and your portfolio. This is where MPB, the online platform to buy, sell or trade used photo and video gear, can help.

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The spring 2023 update brings the largest number of improvements to Zoner Photo Studio since Version X was released in 2016. Native support for a growing list of more than 1200 lenses, much faster Raw processing times and major upgrades to the Video Module top the list of the many welcomed upgrades, but they’re not all. ZPS X now also offers full support for dual monitor setups and key improvements to Zonerama, the FREE online platform that provides users unlimited space to upload photos and videos where they’re securely stored and shared.

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Benro is launching Theta and Theta Max travel tripods, the most exciting, innovative tripod series that combines intelligent modules, portability, stability, rapid deployment and—a world’s first—Auto-Leveling. Built for creators and visual storytellers of all types and skillsets, the Benro Thea series accepts swappable smart modules including a Battery Module, Camera Control, Optical Matrix Sensor and GoLive live streaming module. You can be one of the first to own this truly revolutionary intelligent tripod—and save a bundle—by participating in Benro’s Kickstarter campaign which closes on April 21, 2023. But hurry—slots for Backers are limited and going fast.

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Bird photography is one of the most popular passions for Shutterbug readers. Check out our Photo of the Day Gallery to see  some outstanding images of our feathered friends. Want to turn your bird photography trips – or your backyard bird feeder – into a money machine? Here’s how.

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There are a lot of things you have to consider when picking the right photo editor. Recently, another totally new factor has appeared–a brand new operating system from Microsoft that is getting more widespread and is likely to become a new standard. If you are going to switch to Windows 11 and now wonder which photo editor to get, then you’ve come to the right place.

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Shutterbug has teamed up with GuruShots for another amazing photo challenge, this time with the sometimes perplexing theme of “Inspiring Architecture.”

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If you’ve been aching to switch from your bulky DSLR or underpowered compact to a mirrorless camera system but lack the dough to make it go, we have a solution for you. Get a trade in quote from MPB. MPB’s online appraisals are free and fast, and their assortment of used equipment is simply amazing.

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How do you go from disillusioned marketing professional to food photographer with major brands on the client list? For Steven Domjancic, it involved Photography for Dummies, a journey of self-discovery to India, a stint doing video production in Taiwan, and a great domain name. In other words, pretty straightforward.