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The holiday season is the premier photo and video season. Get your gear inventory in shape now and avoid the disappointment that comes from waiting until it's too late. Whether you want to upgrade from your hefty DSLR to a more compact mirrorless camera, or perhaps get fast cash for a piece of equipment you no longer use, MPB, the largest global platform to buy, sell and trade used photo and video gear, can help in many ways. Here are five of the ways, just for starters.

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In the spirit of embracing the allure of nocturnal beauty, we are thrilled to unveil GuruShot's latest photo challenge: the "Night Photography." This event beckons photographers to delve into the captivating world of the night and capture its enchanting essence.

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Zoner has updated Zoner Photo Studio X and the watchword is SPEED. The updates significantly enhance performance by utilizing your graphics card, enriching the experience on lower-powered PCs, improving ease of navigation, and much more. Already established as a top features-for-dollar photo and video editor, Zoner Photo Studio X continues to get better and better with every upgrade. Plus you get a ton of extras and all for the same very affordable price.

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Nikon just announced the Z f, a retro-styled full-frame mirrorless that artfully blends the most modern technology from the Nikon Z 8 and Z 9 models with the timeless aesthetics of Nikon’s legendary 35mm cameras of yesteryear—and adds a heaping helping of new innovation as well.

Shutterbug Staff  |  Sep 13, 2023  |  First Published: Sep 06, 2023  |  0 comments

We're delighted to unveil our latest photography extravaganza, 'Fanciful Flowers,' presented in collaboration with Shutterbug and Gurushots. We invite photographers to transport us into the enchanting realm of blossoms and let us savor the timeless beauty that flowers offer. 

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Every autumn millions make the pilgrimage to New England, the Great Smoky Mountains, a local woodland or their own backyard to capture the magnificence of Mother Nature's fiery fall foliage display. Although winter lurks just around the corner, everyone rejoices in summer's last natural fireworks celebration. Here are 10 tips from MPB to help you make the most of the annual limited-time experience.

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The heavily anticipated Paul C. Buff Celestial Light has given photographers who shoot on location and on the move a compact, reliable, and affordable lighting solution for their work.

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On average, used gear from MPB costs a third less than new. MPB's dynamic pricing engine ensures the right price for all items. Offering abundant inventory, great customer service and a condition rating system that's easy to understand, MPB is the right place to find the modern mirrorless camera you've been craving.

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Singulart, the leading online art and design gallery with a focus on photography, presents the works of the most talented photographers and designers to more than 3,000,000 collectors worldwide. And for those of us still honing our skills to reach Singulart's high selection criteria, Singulart delivers inspiration and motivation via their online art gallery of digital and analog photography. All told, the works of more than 12,000 photographers and other visual artists can be viewed in an organized and easy-to-navigate gallery.

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Show your best images to the world and earn bragging rights when your photograph is selected to join the Shutterbug Photo of the Day gallery. It doesn't matter whether you shoot with a smartphone or a Hasselblad—if you have the talent, let it be recognized.