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Due to an overwhelming demand for Delkin Devices' patent-pending SensorScope,
Delkin is now offering the option of purchasing the multiple award winning SensorScope
separate from their cleaning system. DSLR users worldwide have enthusiastically
embraced the product, resulting in several prestigious awards like a 2007 Innovative
Digital Products Award from the Digital Imaging Marketing Association (DIMA)
and 2007 Best Digital Accessory from the Technical Imaging Press Association
(TIPA). The SensorScope is the first and most effective device that allows you
to quickly check your sensor for dust and debris in a matter of seconds.


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Adobe Systems Incorporated has an update to the free Photoshop Camera Raw plug-in
now available for immediate download on The Camera Raw 4.1 update includes
improved noise reduction and sharpening tools and raw file support for 13 additional
camera models and camera backs. This update also builds on the raw file support
integrated in the Photoshop family of products.

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Monte Zucker, a dedicated family man, an ebullient spirit, and an icon in the professional photography community, passed away on Thursday evening, March 15, 2007. Monte's passing comes at the end of a long and difficult struggle with pancreatic cancer, during which he was resilient and engaged to the very end. He was 77 years old. Monte's first encounter with...

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Mirroring photos has always been one of my favorite techniques, and it is a relatively easy way to come up with some fun and creative images. Mirroring images consists of duplicating part of a photograph and flipping it around in different ways to create a mirrored effect. I use all kinds of subjects for these creations and I am constantly looking for things that would produce...

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Since it was first begun as project "Longhorn" in 2005, a lot of experts, gurus, and techno-pundits, as well as Microsoft official representatives, have written reams about Vista. But until its release in mid-February, no one in digital photography or color management has had a word to say publicly about how Windows Vista will impact digital photography with a PC...

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When a photo product is designated as "professional" by the manufacturer many serious photo enthusiasts are immediately attracted, assuming the product will provide superior performance for them as well as professional photographers. This assumption has for much of photography's recent history been a truism backed up by reality. However, Adobe's reference...

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Epson, you have company! For years, serious large format inkjet printing has been owned by Epson with the 7000- and 9000-series printers. The pigment-based printers had a huge advantage in archival life and in the media options available, making fine art printing something that the individual could finally afford to do in-house. In the past year, both Canon and HP have entered the...

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Here is a quick tip list on letters for the HELP! desk:
Please confine yourself to only one question per letter. Both postal letters and e-mails are fine, although we prefer e-mail as the most efficient form of communication. Send your e-mail queries to with Help in the subject header and...

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Technical Specifications


Printing Technology: Six-color advanced DX5 MicroPiezo inkjet technology optimized for photo printing
Ink Cartridge Configuration: Six individual high-capacity ink cartridges
Ink Type: Claria Hi-Definition Ink (smudge-, scratch-, water-, and fade-resistant photos)

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The Epson Stylus Photo 1280 has been going strong for almost six years now, and you'd think that Epson's replacement model, the Stylus Photo 1400, must be exceptional to be worthy of replacing such a venerable printer. While the idea has merit, the fact is that Epson's letter-sized, dye-ink photo printers, such as the R380, already have new inks; the 1280 was the...