Zenfolio’s Photo Hosting Service

Zenfolio Inc. (www.zenfolio.com) announced the debut of a groundbreaking expansion to the most comprehensive online photography presentation and sales solution.

The new offering includes a complete redesign of the client shopping experience that maintains photographers’ brand from the portfolio home page down to client emails and receipts. The highly anticipated ability to create and sell product bundles or Packages is also introduced in this expansion. Also added to the service is the Premium Business, a new subscription level fully integrated with MpixPro. With this new release, Zenfolio becomes the first of a new generation of photo hosting services that truly enables photographers to have every aspect of their online presence fully branded, customized and easily managed under one roof.

Clients can save their shopping cart and favorite sets or go through the checkout process with each step and every page staying consistent with the photographer’s brand and theme. Zenfolio designers left no detail untouched to make the Zenfolio sites function truly like a professional custom-made web site. Every point of contact such as error pages, confirmation emails and even credit card receipts support the photographer brand and promote clear and secure client communications.

Premium Business Subscription Level
The eagerly awaited integration with MpixPro, a division of Miller’s Professional Imaging, comes as a part of Zenfolio’s new Premium Business subscription level. The new account level not only provides access to ordering and selling from the expanded product catalog and the professional printing quality of MpixPro, but also enables photographers to give extra personal attention to every order. Priced at $250 per year and available immediately, Premium Business offers the following features:

* Support for selling and ordering MpixPro products
* Ability to add Boutique packaging to orders from Mpix and MpixPro
* Ability to ship orders to yourself for personal delivery
* Ability to offer clients a custom shipping method
* Ability to change shipping method after order is placed
* Ability to remove, add, and change items after order is placed
* Ability to add promotional prints and products to any order at photographer’s expense
* Ability to issue refunds and order cancellations to clients
* Ability to set order minimum
* Live Chat with Zenfolio Customer Support
* Ability to import a list of photos into Adobe® Lightroom® from an order or a Favorite set for easy editing
* Higher maximum file size limit of 48 MB
A more detailed breakdown of the Premium Business products, features, and services is available in a video overview [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bjRIrDo0Yk].

For more information, visit www.zenfolio.com.