Zenfolio’s Next Generation Photography Presentation and Sales Solution

Zenfolio Inc. (www.zenfolio.com) debuted the next generation of its offering for photographers seeking to affordably and professionally manage all aspects of their photography business. With the new release, Zenfolio users can create portfolio sites, take full control over the visual design using the Zenfolio Theme Designer, and increase online exposure with enhanced search engine optimization (SEO) positioning of all user web pages. At no additional cost, these improvements are available to all Zenfolio photographers including Basic, Unlimited and Premium users.

Built in direct response to customer feedback, the new features let photographers create a portfolio Home page that includes a customizable slideshow and logo branding; producing a stylish and polished entry into their site. Additional improvements include a site menu structure that carries throughout all pages to ensure a consistent and uniformly branded browsing experience. Site menus can include links to any gallery, collection or group, as well as built-in About, Contact, and Search pages. Site menu items can also link to external sites such as blogs, as well as to uploaded PDF documents with customer testimonials and price lists. An elegant portfolio entry combined with uniformly branded site navigation gives photographers unprecedented flexibility in professionally hosting their entire online presence under one roof.

In addition to the elegant portfolio layouts, the new release introduces the Zenfolio Theme Designer, a groundbreaking new tool used to design and customize pages with a highly intuitive and polished interface. The Theme Designer enables photographers to have full control of the graphical elements on their pages along with a professional color model-base which suggests colors that are esthetically designed to work together for a more attractive presentation. With the Zenfolio Theme Designer, the complicated task of editing CSS code has been replaced with a brilliantly simple point and click tool. Buttons, menu styles, thumbnails and image treatments are all available for customization to a discerning visual designer. As an added bonus, the new Themes can be exported and imported, making it easy for photographers to share designs within the Zenfolio community.

Also included in the new release are SEO enhancements to all Zenfolio pages. Photographers gain control of their search positioning with access to webmaster tools from the top search engines, including Google, bing, and Yahoo! Additionally, site maps are being added throughout users' sites to further help search crawlers discover and index publicly viewable content. These enhancements further ensure that photos are visible in search engines for potential buyers and viewers.

Visit www.zenfolio.com now to take a tour, learn more about its new offerings, and sign up for a free trial today.