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© 2005, Jonathan Brewer, All Rights Reserved

Jonathan Brewer's website is a family affair. About Us features a portrait of Brewer's family and Heirlooms includes some wistful studio portraits of his family, such as one of his parents made in World War II. In Galleries you will find collections nested within collections, each containing the soft and low-key lighting that embodies Brewer's sensitive stylings. The secret to this style is the use of Cyclops I and Cyclops II lenses, details of which are shown in the Galleries as well. Part Rube Goldberg and part shadetree mechanic, these well-named devices produced results you can't argue with. Brewer uses these tools to create color, black and white, and infrared images made in a junkyard (excuse me, salvage yard) that I really enjoyed.

Brewer refuses to be tied to a genre; even his Infrared collection includes portraiture, landscapes, and trés Margaret Bourke-White industrial photographs. Brewer works mostly in monochrome with a dash of color and occasionally, as in the Bahia images, full color, but all show undeniable talent for creating powerfully direct images that speak to the viewer in a whisper.

© 2005, David Mendelsohn, All Rights Reserved

I've never met David Mendelsohn but have visited his lushly designed website and so should you. When you do you will see two gateways: one contains Commissioned photographs and the other features his Personal work. Author's Note: You will encounter tasteful nudity in this latter gallery. Even a glance around the Commissioned images show a photographer in love with color and the talent and flare to exploit this passion by creating images that leap off the screen. The color in Mendelsohn's photographs range from the understated (snow fence on beach) to outrageous and over the top (red wall with yellow stockinged leg). These are my titles; no caption and little, if any, information about the images is provided on the site. Navigation, if you want to call it that, is nonexistent, but who cares?

Everywhere you point, click, or drag you're surrounded by images that are just a tad small for my taste but nevertheless excite the mind and the eye. Mendelsohn's Personal work consists mostly of sensuous monochrome and color nudes, some of which unabashedly echo Peter Gowland and Helmut Newton (talk about your Odd Couple). They are mixed together with a soupcon of the dynamic imagination that pervades all of Mendelsohn's photography. There are lots of images to look at and little else on this site, and maybe that's Mendelsohn's point.

© 2005, Pets In Uniform, All Rights Reserved

I'm as much an animal lover as the next person but thought Pets in Uniform was the dumbest website I'd ever seen. Using digital techniques, they combine a photo of your pet with the military uniform and background of your choice. You choose a uniform and a background, upload a photo of your pet and a digital image of your pet in uniform is available for download within three business days. I showed the site to a model who thought it was the "cutest thing" she ever saw. So who am I to argue with a beautiful woman? Here it is, presented for your approval...