You Can Get 20 Gorgeous Boudoir Photos from This ONE Simple Pose (VIDEO)

Boudoir photography pro Critsey Rowe likes to challenge herself on assignments because it brings out the best in her and her photos. It can also help make the next shoot easier because she's bound to learn a few things about how to streamline her boudoir photography workflow and increase efficiency.

That was the case on a recent boudoir photo shoot as Rowe explains in the below video where she challenged herself to see how many keeper shots she can get with a model in a single pose.

"I want to show you how you can take one pose and a get a lot of variety from it," Rowe explains. The video starts off with Rowe demonstrating the one boudoir pose to the model and then she starts shooting around her to capture different looks.

"I'm going to shoot high; I'm going to shoot low. I'm going to shoot in several different directions," she adds. "The only direction I am not going to shoot is from the window. So pretty much for all these shots I’m going for a dark and moody look, so in all of them of them I'm going to shoot towards the window to get the look I'm going for."

Rowe dispenses boudoir photography advice along the way during her one-pose shoot. "When you have your client posed and you're taking photos don't forget to get in and do detail shots. Detail shots are great for their album but also great for your portfolio. A lot of times clients will not allow you to use face shots but they're happy to let you use detail shots."

So how many awesome boudoir photos was Rowe able to get with this one pose? If you guessed 20 – or if you simply read the title of this post – you'd be correct. But you're going to want to watch the 4-minute video below that shows how Rowe was able to play all the angles to get these beautiful boudoir photos. And make sure to visit her YouTube channel to find more top-drawer boudoir tutorials including this one where she shares seven tips for boudoir beginners.