xTrain.com Presents Ben Willmore’s High Dynamic Range (HDR) Mastery Course

xTrain.com, a leader in online video training for media, arts, and design, is pleased to announce the addition of Photoshop Guru Ben Willmore's High Dynamic Range (HDR) Mastery Course to its trac of online digital photography courses.

This new course shows learners step by step how to master High Dynamic Range (HDR). HDR is the process of taking a sequence of exposures, allowing digital photographers and graphic artists to lighten the underexposed areas and darken the overexposed areas of their digital images to better simulate what the eye would actually see. Students will see how to best choose subjects for HDR, such as watching for movement, clouds, sensor dust, and when to find the ideal light to master HDR. Ben Willmore shows learners through his series of xTrain classes how to merge exposures to enhance or add an illustrative effect to their photographs.

"Ben Willmore is the master in high dynamic range image processing and xTrain is thrilled to offer his online training videos to our growing learner community," said Siotha Vest, xTrain's Director of Training. "Upon completion of Ben's HDR course, I'm confident our learners will be able to successfully enhance and improve their digital images by adding drama and details and some really interesting effects."

Ben Willmore's High Dynamic Range (HDR) Mastery Course features 4 classes including Shooting for HDR, Merging Exposures, Processing HDR Files, and Enhancement. Cost is $79 to enroll in this course, or interested participants can subscribe to xTrain for $199 a year to enroll in unlimited xTrain tracs, courses and classes, or interested participants can subscribe for $19.99 a month for unlimited access and $14.99 per month for students with a valid student ID. For more information about xTrain, please visit www.xtrain.com.