Xit Group Quick Release Dual Shoulder Camera Neck Strap

The Xit Group has introduced a new Quick Release Dual Shoulder Camera Neck Strap, dubbed the ultimate solution for two camera shooters. It is light weight at only 0.84 lbs., and small with a widening shoulder construction which reduces the burden. The strap is ergonomically designed and the weight is evenly distributed by way of the shoulder pads. The Dual shoulder Strap uses Velcro and fasteners as connections to facilitate dismantling, and it can easily be divided into two separate camera straps. The lock parts and connections are made of metal to hold up to rigorous usage. There’s an adjustment device in the front of the strap designed to facilitate rapid adjustment of strap length. There are two tripod quick release plates with 1Ž4” threads for connecting the camera to any device with 1Ž4” screw. There is no need to remove the plate when mounting on a tripod.