X-Rite Monitor Calibration And Profiling

X-Rite Inc. has introduced the the OPTIX XR2 display calibration and profiling solution. Combining a state-of-the-art colorimeter with enriched software, the OPTIX XR2 is said to deliver an unparalleled color management solution for displays; including LCD, CRT and newly developed wide gamut technologies. Easy to use, the OPTIX XR2 is X-Rite's most recent upgrade of MonacoOPTIX XR, which joined X-Rite's product line after X-Rite acquired Monaco in 2003. This latest iteration completes the integration of the product into the X-Rite family of color measurement solutions.

The first and most fundamental step to ensure consistent and accurate color is a properly calibrated monitor. The OPTIX XR2 allows users to adjust color at the touch of a button. Plus, a new help system puts easy to find answers at the user's fingertips.

OPTIX XR2 also has the ability to automatically recognize and take control of your color display, with Automatic Display Control (ADC). Using one touch, ADC will optimize your display's color temperature, contrast and brightness settings to ensure you build the highest quality ICC profile and obtain the best color results from your monitor.

In addition, an ambient diffuser attaches to the bottom of the OPTIX XR2 hardware, allowing for more exact characterization of the user's environment, thus improving the accuracy of profiles.

Designed to advance with users as they upgrade their display types, the OPTIX XR2 builds the highest quality profile for today's as well as tomorrow's advanced display technologies. Additionally, it recognizes when an upgrade is necessary and prompts users to download the correct information required to properly profile their monitor.

The OPTIX XR2 will be available to the market in late May, as will the OPTIX XR2PRO, a network version for multi-workstation environments.