The Worst Thing Travel & Nature Photographers Can Do (VIDEO)

Here at Shutterbug we’re constantly on the lookout for tutorials that will help you master camera settings, composition, exposure, and other shooting skills. But there’s one important consideration that has nothing do with technicalities, and it’s particularly important for nature, travel and landscape photographers.

Kim Grant is a Scottish pro known for her outstanding outdoor imagery. In the episode below she describes what she calls, “The worst thing you can do as a landscape photographer.” The wisdom she imparts is important for all outdoor shooters, and will help you get the creative juices flowing again whenever you hit the inevitable doldrums.

As you’ll see, this episode is more about a mindset rather than specific shooting skills. So what is this big mistake that can stifle your photography? According to Grant, it’s a failure to get your butt off the couch and head outdoors with a camera. Sound familiar?

Grant provides a number of great tips that will get you motivated, and maybe even help you capture images that are different from those you’ve made in the past. By following her advice, the next time your alarm clock goes off at 5am for a sunrise shoot you won’t hit the snooze button and go back to sleep.

Grant doesn’t beat herself up when she misses a great photo opportunity or the best light of the day. Rather, she remains thankful for the beauty of the outdoors, and has a method for making great shots under less than ideal conditions. Sometime that means capturing what’s left of an incredible scene after you’ve missed the epic moment you envisioned.

The moral of this story is to psyche yourself up, and if you follow Grant’s advice you’ll do exactly that and come home with incredible images. After watching the video, head over to Grant’s YouTube channel for more great tips.

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