Wireless MemoryFrame

Digital Spectrum Solutions Inc. has announced its new wireless MemoryFrame 8104 Premium. This digital picture frame is capable of sharing content over the Internet and integrates easily with home media servers. It integrates the new multimedia features of Microsoft Windows Vista and fully supports capabilities such as Windows Media Connect and Windows Connect Now. It also fully supports the features and capabilities of Windows XP used in conjunction with Windows Media Player 11.

The wireless MemoryFrame 8104 Premium can access and share photos, music and video stored on a PC or network. It can also share photos over the Internet through photo-sharing sites such as Webshots, Flicker, Windows Live Spaces and Digital Spectrum's "My MemoryFrame" (dsicentral.com/photosharing/). It can also play photos, music and video without a PC or network because it holds up to 800 photos in its internal memory, and also has a built-in multi-format card reader for local playback.

The MemoryFrame 8104 Premium features a bright active-matrix 10.4" LCD screen, built-in stereo speakers, a remote control, an automatic slideshow function and an on-screen menu system. It comes mounted in an attractive frame that can be placed on a desktop or hung on a wall -- or it can be mounted into any standard 8x10 photo frame that matches the user's décor.

The MemoryFrame 8104 Premium has 256MB of internal memory. With its built-in card reader, wireless capability, USB host and device ports, and universal "plug and play" capability, it can access and play up to 2GB of content in one show. In addition, it can play audio in the background while a slideshow or video is running.

The MSRP for the MemoryFrame 8104 Premium is $349.99. No subscriptions are necessary to use a MemoryFrame. The MemoryFrame 8104 Premium is available at retail stores or online at http://www.dsicentral.com/products/MF8104/. A complete list of features, photos of the MemoryFrame 8104 Premium and a data sheet are also available online.