Westcott Spiderlite

The F.J. Westcott Company has introduced their new Spiderlite for still and video imagemakers. The Spiderlite is less than five inches deep and is constructed of solid metal. The inner metal surface of the light offers a highly reflective surface. Any light falling backwards is again reflected back into a Soft Box allowing for maximum output of the lights. Built-in points allow for direct attachment of a Soft Box onto the Spiderlite itself. This not only cuts down the cost of purchasing an adapter ring, but also allows the end user fewer parts to carry or lose as well as quicker set-up.

This new light head provides 3200 degrees of constant light source for still, digital, video or high definition image capture. The Spiderlite supplies 120 volts of power and includes a 15' switch cord. The built-in handle provides easy usage as it allows for Soft Box rotation from vertical to horizontal. The Spiderlite offers great results in filling the soft box with a very even spread of light due to the unique design of the 500 and 1000 watt lamps.

The Spiderlite is also avaible in convenient kits including the Spiderlite, one lamp, one tilter bracket, one Silver Soft Box and one heavy-duty lightstand. The small kit offers a 500-watt lamp, the 16" X 22" Silver Soft Box and the new Westcott 10' Heavyweight Lightstand. The medium kit offers a 1000-watt lamp, the 24" X 32" Silver Soft Box and 10' Heavyweight Lightstand. The 1000-watt lamp is also in the large kit with a 36" X 48" Silver Soft Box and new 13' Heavyweight Lightstand. The Spiderliteä Location Kit includes two Spiderlites, one 1000-watt and one 500-watt lamp, two tilter brackets, one 24" X 32" and one 16" X 22" Silver Soft Box, two 10' Heavyweight Lightstands and a carry case.