We Have Some Changes in the Works!

While we often devote this column to a discussion of evolving technologies for innovative photographic gear, this month we’d like to tell you about some changes we have in the works for Shutterbug and solicit your input for updating the magazine, our website, and our social media initiatives.

Over the next few months our new Editor Dan Havlik will be implementing some content and design changes to the magazine, and we’re interested in hearing from our readers regarding what components of Shutterbug you like best and new elements you’d like us to consider. Likewise, we’re working on ways to make shutterbug.com even more compelling, easier to navigate and more attractive—with a number of additional interactive features to help you become more engaged with us and other readers.

As for social media, many of you are regular visitors to our Facebook page—posting images, joining discussions about photographic news and equipment, and communicating with other Shutterbug fans. Just recently Shutterbug became active on Twitter and we encourage everyone to follow us: @Shutterbugmag.

We hope you are participating in the Shutterbug community via all our various platforms, and we trust you will like what you see moving forward as we pursue our dual goal of assisting you in making informed purchasing decisions with the industry’s most authoritative product reviews, and helping you improve and broaden your skills with comprehensive tutorials on a wide variety of topics.

In the meantime, if you want to share you thoughts as we embark on this multifaceted project, feel free to do so on our Facebook page. We’ll be paying close attention to your comments in the “Posts to Page” section, and we appreciate your help.

jimploggersr's picture

As a long time subscriber I believe that your magazine needs much change. About the only reason that I continue to subscribe is the "Picture This" feature. I even find some of the photos there not being worthy of the feature. It seems that the magazine has become one big ad for professional equipment. You just don't seem to cater much anymore to the amateur photographer. If that is your intent, so be it. But I do believe that you would benefit more if you rethought your audience.

neal45's picture

It is nice for you to ask for comment. As a long time amateur photographer who has subscribed to a competitor for years, I am getting back heavily into photography as a major hobby. I have a thirst for more and more information and finding an old Shutterbug at a friend's house, decided to subscribe.

After 3 issues, I had decided not to resubscribe when the time comes. I found the current issues not as interesting as the old one I had. I understand the need to sell ads to make a magazine go and the actual ads don't bother me. It is just the content seems lacking but a discussion as to what it needs is too complex for an e-mail and I am just thanking you for making major changes.

Perhaps I will re-subscribe after all. I have 9 months or so to see what is changing.

daniel zirn's picture

I have been a subscriber possibly longer than anyone else, starting when it was just like a sheet from the newspaper, about 1975-7? at about $1.00 a month. Now what a waste of paper. You do not appeal at all to your long time faithful, but just to your advertisers who I do not trust one half of them. Please wake UP. Daniel The last renewal request I received did not even have your phone number on it!