WD Introduces Educational Creative Masters Program Featuring World-Class Artists

WD (NYSE: WDC) is launching the WD's new Creative Masters Program, an educational program that will share the knowledge and experience of three world-class artists and emphasize the critical importance of safely storing priceless files and backing up. WD's Creative Masters Program will offer a colorful, educational and inspirational look at artistry and the creative workflow as presented through the eyes and minds of three of the world's most respected photographers -- Bruce Dorn, Colin Finlay and Peter Read Miller.

The Creative Masters Web site will provide visitors with helpful tutorials and tips for taking better photographs, organizing their digital files and protecting them using the right storage tools, such as WD's My Passport and My Book family of storage solutions.

In addition to online tutorials, WD's Creative Masters Program plans to conduct a series of lectures and workshops in association with industry trade shows, trade organizations and universities over the coming months. The lecture/workshop series will be designed to bring these world-class artists to environments that foster open thinking and sharing of ideas.

The new WD Creative Masters Web site will include image portfolios from each photographer, along with their bio and calendar of upcoming workshops, lectures and other special projects. It will also include video and written tutorials about how they approach their subjects and provide insight into how viewers can improve their own photography.

"We hope pros and enthusiasts alike will use WD's Creative Masters Program as a source of information and inspiration," explains Cathy Scott, vice president of corporate communications for WD. "As a leader in the industry, we have an opportunity and an obligation to educate our customers. Working with Bruce, Colin and Peter brings a whole new perspective to that learning and teaching experience. Their digital workflow processes are very different, but in the end, they all have a need to protect their images by backing up their files regularly. WD is proud to know that they have put their trust in our products," Ms. Scott added.

"Aside from physically creating a photograph, backing up and protecting my work is the single most important aspect of my business," says Bruce Dorn, award-winning photographer, filmmaker and master printer. "WD is offering my colleagues and me a terrific outlet to share our experiences and stress the importance of protecting our work. I'm thankful to WD for providing this educational outlet for pros and enthusiasts everywhere."

"I just returned from the Antarctic where there is simply no room for error or equipment malfunction," explains Colin Finlay, world renowned documentary photographer and founder of Proof: Media for Social Justice. "I only use what I absolutely trust because there is no going back...there are no do-overs. I'm looking forward to working with WD and my colleagues to share our knowledge with anyone interested in expanding their own visions," Finlay concluded.

"Whether I'm in the studio or at the stadium, my job is to get the photos and protect them against damage, or worse," says legendary sports photographer Peter Read Miller. "All my files are regularly backed up on WD drives and that process is an integral and critical part of my workflow. Sharing my experience and insight with others is one of my favorite things to do and I'm looking forward to using WD's Creative Masters platform to do it," Miller added.

To learn more about WD's Creative Masters program, please visit http://www.wdcreativemasters.com.

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