Watch What Happens When a Professional & Amateur Photographer Swap Gear (VIDEO)

Many photographers suffer from an affliction known as Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS), and pull out their wallets whenever a new camera is introduced. But how important is the latest gear, as compared to a technical mastery of our craft?

This interesting video from a photo instructor known as Henbu demonstrates what happens when a pro loans his $6,000 kit to a novice photographer and shoots with the amateur’s $500 camera. The resulting images may be what you expect, but could save you from a case of the GAS.

You’ll see the photographers in La Jolla, CA, as they walk around the city and beach, capturing images that strike their fancy. While the pro is limited to a single camera and lens, the amateur has access to a high-end camera and a bag full of lenses. What’s missing from the $6,000 kit, however, is the pro’s trained eye and technical expertise.

There’s an immediate clue as to what’s in store, when the amateur can’t quite figure out how to open the pro’s camera bag. But there are some nice images from both photographers, and you’ll pick up some helpful composition and posing tricks along the way.

There are more interesting videos on Henbu’s YouTube channel, and be sure to check out a similar video in which a pro and amateur photographer shoot a sexy swimsuit model. And speaking of GAS, take a look at yesterday’s post explaining why it may be time to stop buying camera gear.