Here's Why You Should STOP Buying Camera Gear If You Want to Improve Your Photography

Everybody loves buying new camera gear, us included, but have you ever thought it might be holding you back as a photographer? Maybe you should stop investing in new cameras, lenses, photo accessories and all those other fun things, and instead invest in yourself?

That's a realization that came to landscape photographer Mark Denney recently, and in the below video titled "STOP BUYING CAMERA GEAR to Improve Your Landscape Photos!" he gives the reasons why.

"A common misconception is that purchasing and upgrading your camera gear will somehow improve your landscape photography and that’s simply just not true," Denney says. "If you were to take the money you were going to spend on new camera gear and invested it in yourself, I’d guarantee you that you’d achieve a substantially higher long term return on your investment than any piece of camera gear could ever achieve for you."

In the video below, Denney discusses three better ways to invest the money you have allocated to the purchase of new camera gear to improve your photography.

"Not only will the proposed investment methods in this video provide you with a greater level of knowledge in the area of photography you’re looking to improve upon, but also provide you with on-location experience along with a lifetime of memories," he notes. "Investing in yourself is one of the most powerful ways a person can improve their skill set towards something."

Check it out and then go visit Denney's awesome YouTube channel for more great tutorials.