Watch What Happens When BOUDOIR and SWIMWEAR Photographers Switch Places (VIDEO)

A few weeks ago, boudoir photographer Michael Sasser and swimwear photographer Anita Sadowska explained the differences between their two specialties in a wildly popular video we shared on Shutterbug. Now the photographers have switched roles in the below video with Sasser also shooting swimwear and Sadowska trying her hand at boudoir as well.

The results are interesting to say the least!

"Today I challenged Michael Sasser to shoot some swimwear while I shot some boudoir," Sadowska says. "It was so much fun seeing how even though technically our photography genres are super close, we still ended up getting completely different results."

Shot on location on the gorgeous North Shore of Hawaii, Sadowska and Sasser start off by each photographing model Brittan Byrd in swimwear at the beach and then in lingerie in a boudoir setting. You can see their photo results side-by-side after each shoot, and it's fun to see how each photographer interprets swimwear and boudoir to their own style.

While the two photography genres would seem to have a lot of similarities, as they showed in the original video and as they demonstrate further after switching places below, there are almost as many differences.

"I wanted to show that even though boudoir and swimwear seems in many ways similar because it's girls in very little clothing, it's actually completely different," Sadowska explains.

Check it out and let us know how you think each photographer did. Would you be comfortable trying a completely different style of photography for a change? Maybe it's a good way to challenge yourself and break out of your "comfort zone"?

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