Watch These 10 Cool Camera Hacks in 100 Seconds (VIDEO)

Last month we shared photographer Hayden Pedersen's latest video with 10 awesome photography ideas in 100 seconds. Now here's another, older video he put out with a similar clever theme: 10 Camera Hacks in Less than 100 Seconds.

"These are 10 photography and video camera hacks and tricks with household items that I use in real life, under 100 seconds!" Pedersen says. "I shot everything on my Sony A7S Mark II and my Nikon D500 DSLR."

Pedersen notes that the below video was inspired by photographer Peter McKinnon's pioneering 8 Camera HACKS in 90 Seconds video.

Here are Pedersen's 10 "hacks," which are basically camera tricks to create interesting effects that you can do with inexpensive, common items you find around the house.

#1 Fish Wire Flare

#2 Towel Slider

#3 Ethereal Ziploc Bag

#4 Desk Chair Dolly

#5 Vaseline Love Filter

#6 Match Stick Film Burn

#7 Surface Reflection

#8 Light Through Objects

#9 Detached Lens Dream

#10 Top Down Tripod

Check it out below and then go visit Pedersen's channel for more cool videos.