Watch (& React) to These CRAZY Photography FAILS with Peter McKinnon (VIDEO)

We all make mistakes as photographers. But some mistakes are worse than others. Some mistakes are, in fact, so bad, they turn into fails. And sometimes…they turn into EPIC PHOTOGRAPHY FAILS.

Photography fail videos are fun to watch on YouTube, mostly because they didn't happen to us. Even though we know they could have. That's why it's so much fun (and a bit stressful) to watch the below video from photographer Peter McKinnon where he reacts to classic crazy photography fails.

Some of these classic fails happened to wedding photographers, which is why McKinnon says he can relate.

"I feel bad for these people," McKinnon says. "I was a wedding photographer. I get it. Not to that level because I never fell into the holy water tank, but I get it. Be careful if you're out there shooting. No matter if you're shooting a wedding, or something else, I don't want you to fall. That's not what anybody wants. For those people, that did fall, literally my heart goes out to you."