Watch a Nikon Zoom Lens Get Smashed (in a Fun Way) in a Short Film by an Oscar-Nominated Director

Here’s some Friday fun for you. In the below animated short by the Oscar-nominated director known as Pes (real name Adam Pesapane), a Nikon zoom lens gets smashed by a mallet into a smaller and smaller lens until it becomes...well, you'll see.

“Nikon sent me some lenses to test this what they had in mind?,” Pes writes in the description to the video. “Not sponsored by Nikon (but shot on the D810).”

It’s a delightful little short that uses the same stop motion pixilation technique as Pes’ super viral “Fresh Guacamole” video, which was nominated for Best Animated Short Film in 2013 in the 85th Academy Awards. "Fresh Guacomle," which did not win, was the shortest film ever nominated for an Oscar.

The below video, titled “Lens Smash by PES (4K),” is even shorter and probably unlikely to win an Oscar but it’s a fun watch, so enjoy.