Watch 3 Pros Shoot Impressive Portraits of Total Strangers in Las Vegas in 60 Seconds (VIDEO)

Michigan-based photographer Robert Hall came up with this interesting project while attending last week’s WPPI Expo in Las Vegas: He challenged two fellow photographers to an off-camera flash shootout, in which the three of them would devote no more than a minute to taking portraits of total strangers on the street. 

Hall’s compatriots Francisco Hernandez and Darrel Ho-Sing agreed, and the video below reveals their different shooting styles and the images they created. It’s an interesting lesson on working fast, creating a rapport with strangers, and framing and posing candid portraits. It also provides some insight on how photographers see things differently.

Ho-Sing compared the experience to wedding photography, in which he works hard to create a comfort level with his subjects, and loosens things up with a laugh or two. Hernandez concentrates on composition, posing and lighting above all else, which is particularly challenging when there’s only 60 seconds to get the shot. And Hall decided to take a deep breath, and compress all his abilities into a short period of time.

It’s a fun and interesting challenge, resulting in several really nice images. And you’ll pick up a few portraits tips, and perhaps even enough confidence to try this yourself.

There’s more to see on Hall’s YouTube channel, and be sure to look at a recent tutorial from Hernandez, with more great tips on shooting off-camera flash portraits.

Via ISO 1200