Watch This Helpful Animated Video Explaining Everything You Need to Know About Shutter Speed

While the meaning of the term “shutter speed” may seem obvious, there’s actually more to this concept than meets the eye. In the quick video below, time-lapse photographer Vincent Ledvina puts his animation skills to good use demonstrating the finer points behind this basic photographic principle.

We all know that shutter speed is the length of time the camera’s image sensor is exposed to incoming light, and Ledvina expands on this notion by illustrating how the different parts of a camera combine to arrive at a proper exposure. He then demonstrates the difference in shutter speed adjustments when using various exposure modes.

Ledvina also illustrates the effects fast and slow shutter speeds have on the look of your photographs, and he discusses how image stabilization technology in today’s modern digital cameras changes the shutter speed calculation when it comes to getting sharp images while shooting hand held.

You can find more interesting videos on Ledvina’s YouTube channel. And be sure to look at two other of his tutorials we shared earlier; one with everything you need to know about ISO, and another illustrating focal length basics