Visualante Skate and Street Inspired Camera Bags

Inspired by its street and skate heritage, camera accessories brand Visualante is about to releasetheir second line of camera bags. With these products, Visualante wants to reform the monochromatic and stale photography and video market with a moreexpressive design. All bags have features tailored for the streets and will be available at photo/video specialists, as well as skate and streetfashion stores, worldwide fall/winter 2012.

“We have worked very hard the last year and ahalf and are very enthusiastic about bringing these products to the market. In our opinion, photography and videography is part of a creative mindset, butthere is nothing interesting on the market, in terms of camera accessories, for people who want to express that. With our camera bags and other camera accessories, we want to give them that option.” says Jakob Wictorén, CEO of Visualante.

Visualante was started in 2009 by a collective of creative minds out of Stockholm that want to reform the monochromatic photography and videography industry. Bringing street andskate heritage and imposing its values on the company and its products.

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It looks good. With a good size hand grip that makes the it easy to handle. - Carmack Moving and Storage