Vanguard Auctus Plus Tripod

Professional photographers whose shoots take them from studio to outdoors will love Vanguard’’s new Auctus Plus Series tripod. This ultra stable, flexible tripod enables precise positioning and fine tuning that is great for the studio with extra features that make outdoor shoots a breeze, too.

Available in carbon fiber or aluminum, Auctus Plus tripod offers extreme stability and flexibility. Its ultra-smooth Extreme Support Height Positioning (ESHP) Wheel System is a dual-function wheel gear that adjusts central column height securely while supporting heavy gear. This advanced gear wheel also enables precise height fine tuning while holding an extreme loading weight.

It’s designed to go from a studio to an outdoor shoot in a snap with additional features for the outdoors. Auctus Plus’ leg locks are exceptionally solid, secure and seal out dust and sand to provide impressive reliability. Setup is quick, too, with one-twist-to-loosen locks. Unique All-terrain Feet convert from anti-rust spikes to angled, textured rubber for secure footing on an array of terrains. It’s flexible, too, with legs that adjust to 25, 50 and 80-degree angles for use on uneven ground and for low-angle photography.

Other features include an innovative locking camera screw wheel, large bubble level, anti-shock ring, leg scales for precise height adjustment, rubber foam grips and bonus snow shoes.

Also new is Auctus Series tripod, which shares all of the features of its sibling Auctus Plus, minus the Wheel System. It’s designed for photographers who may not require such precise positioning capabilities.