VANGUARD Abeo Tripod

VANGUARD has introduced its anticipated Abeo Series tripod.  Whether photographers are shooting still or video or both, Abeo’s strong legs support a heavy loading weight while maintaining a lighter overall weight than competitive tripods with similar loading capacities. Its legs securely adjust to 25, 50 and 80-degree angles with an ergonomic, ultra fast release button. Quick-flip leg locks enable fast setup and are tension adjustable.

Abeo is comfortable for everyone. Its panning handle can easily be positioned on the left or right side for convenient, comfortable use by both left and right-handed people.  Abeo enables unique shots, too, with two-section short column for easy-to-set-up low-angle photography and filming. Available with a pan head or ball head, Abeo supports cameras with large zoom lenses and camcorders with attached gear.

Two models are available with a fluid-like, impressively smooth video pan head. This head features locking mechanisms on both sides, ensuring gear security and that vibrations caused by locking movements are absorbed by the center of the head’s base.

For outdoor shooting, Abeo has rubber feet that convert to large spikes for rough terrain and thick foam on its legs to enable a secure grip even in slippery weather. It boasts a hexagon-shaped central column for greater security and a large bubble level on its canopy. It has a 1/4 and 3/8” camera screw interface.

Abeo is available in five models at street prices of $189-269.

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