Use Lightroom’s Level Tool to Quickly & Easily Straighten Crooked Photographs (VIDEO)

Whether you shoot landscapes, street scenes, or seascapes, a crooked horizon is a sure way to mess up an otherwise great shot. You can avoid this problem by composing your scene properly in the camera, and most viewfinders have a grid option to make this pretty easy.

But what if you made a mistake and came home with a killer image that’s somewhat askew? In the three-minute video below, image-editing expert Anthony Morganti demonstrates how to use Lightroom’s Level tool to make a quick and accurate fix.

There are other Lightroom options for straightening an image, like the Crop Tool or Transform tab, but Morganti explains that these methods don’t always deliver precise results. So watch this quick tutorial and learn how to do it right.

You can find more helpful tips and tricks on Morganti’s YouTube channel. And if you missed his tutorial we shared earlier this week on using Photoshop to replace a boring sky, be sure to take a look.