TRAVEL ALERT: TSA Will Now Screen Your Camera Separately at Airport Security Checkpoints

We’ve all become accustomed to placing shoes and laptops in separate bins while passing through airport security checkpoints. And now, new TSA regulations require the same treatment for cameras and all electronic devices larger than a cell phone.

TSA says they’re implementing the new rules in the weeks and months ahead at all U.S. Airports “to ensure the security of airline passengers.” The procedures are already in place at 10 airports, including those in Boise, Colorado Springs, Detroit Metro, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood, Boston’s Logan International, Lubock Preston Smith, Los Angeles International, Luis Munoz Marin, Phoenix, and Las Vegas.

Travelers will be required to remove cameras from their bags and place them in a bin for X-ray screening. If you’re lucky enough to get a random “TSA PreCheck” notification on your boarding pass, or you’ve paid to enroll in the program, you’ll be able to leave cameras and other electronic devices (including laptops) in your bag.

You can read the official TSA announcement with detailed instructions here. And speaking of travel, and take a look at our recent story with one top pro’s tips on what photo gear to bring on your next trip

altonmarsh's picture

Glad that people registered for TSA Pre are exempt.

grspring's picture

Wondering what they will do with my case which contains 3 bodies and 7 lenses. I can imagine allot of stolen goods.