Training DVD Offers View of Photography Through the Eyes of a Pro

Few aspiring photographers get to sit in on a commercial shoot, but thanks to a new DVD series from Blue Crane Digital, anyone can watch a professional in action. "Through the Eyes of a Pro: Advanced Techniques for DSLR Cameras" offers an opportunity to peer over the shoulder of famed commercial photographer, Tim Mantoani, as he works with light and lenses.

Although the two-volume set focuses on developing the photographer rather than teaching camera-specific skills, Blue Crane Digital produced separate titles for Nikon and Canon users.

Through the Eyes of a Pro: Advanced Techniques for Canon DSLR Cameras Volumes 1 & 2


Through the Eyes of a Pro: Advanced Techniques for Nikon DSLR Cameras Volumes 1 & 2

The separate titles offer some of Mantoani's insights into using Canon and Nikon gear, and highlight how he uses these products for professional and personal shoots.

Mantoani is not only a great photographer, but also a talented teacher. With nearly 20 years of experience creating cover shots, portraits, and sports images, Mantoani understands how to get amazing results on a consistent basis. "Through the Eyes of a Pro" is designed not only to educate, but to inspire viewers to try new techniques and shoot more photographs. Mantoani reveals his approach to creating a great image, and offers photo assignments designed to help viewers develop their photographic style. Blue Crane Digital has been filming sequences and editing footage for the DVDs for the past several months.

In Volume 1, Mantoani explains the building blocks for making great photographs. These fundamentals are repeated throughout the DVD set to demonstrate how specific elements contribute to making an image. Viewers will follow Mantoani through an outdoor portrait session, and to a sports shoot. They will also learn how to select equipment, and more importantly, where to spend and where to save. Volume 2 follows Mantoani through a professional stock photography shoot. With video cameras recording over his shoulder, Mantoani explains how he brings the light, setting, and story together to create a salable image. Viewers will also learn what it takes to make that leap from amateur to professional photographer, and, once there, how to make their business grow. Through the Eyes of a Pro", Volumes 1 & 2, will be available for $24.99, at photo specialty and on-line retailers nationwide.

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