Touchpoint Gallery

Touchpoint Studios Inc. has introduced Touchpoint Gallery, photo software that brings your digital photos directly to friends and family in an easy-to-use creative way.

Using state-of-the-art 3D graphics, the software allows users to see photo collections as they fill the pages of an animated photo album or as an exhibit on the walls of a virtual art gallery. Birthdays, family celebrations and any special event can now be shared with family and friends in a completely new and unique way.

The user-friendly software can be set up to point to as many photo collections as you like. Switching from one photo collection to another is simple and Touchpoint Gallery is compatible with Internet picture sources Flickr, Flickr Search, and RSS Feeds. You can also choose to view photos stored locally on your hard drive.

Friends and family can watch the photos and collections chosen by you while they work or play, enjoy them as their default Windows screen saver, and use them to automatically change their wallpaper. The software is truly dynamic, because when you change the photos in your online collection, your friends and family using Touchpoint Gallery are automatically updated too.

Touchpoint Gallery is freely distributed from . For more options, including a wider selection of 3D Templates and access to more photos in your collections, users can choose to 'Go Unlimited' for $24.95.