A Top Portrait Pro Demonstrates How to Pose Models for Better Boudoir Photos at Home (VIDEO)

Anita Sadowska is a professional fashion photographer based in Dublin, and in this quick tutorial she teams up with an experienced model to demonstrate simple posing techniques that will help you shoot boudoir photos at home like a pro.

Sadowska says that when shooting lingerie or boudoir photographs, it’s important to find a model with enough confidence to remain relaxed while showing a bit of skin. When less secure models “hide” and cover their bodies, it’s difficult to capture pleasing images.

Sadowska begins by having her model strike a number of poses that elongate her body and accentuate her features. You’ll see why maintaining a relatively straight back makes a model seem taller and more confident.

With these and the other posing tips Sadowska provides, you’ll be able to better capture pleasing photos that make you and your model proud. It may take you both some practice, but the results will be well worth the effort.

There are more portrait photography tips on Sadowska’s YouTube channel. And we encourage you to check out her earlier shootout, comparing premium 24-70mm f/2.8 zoom lenses from Canon and Sigma.

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