These Otherworldly Photographs From Space Are Our Top 10 NASA Images from 2016

The NASA space program includes a remarkable repository of otherworldly images from the cosmos and those you see here represent our 10 favorite NASA photographs from 2016. It was a tough choice, because in addition to their popular Image of the Day website, NASA publishes thousands of amazing images (and numerous videos) from space throughout the year.

Some of the photographs in NASA’s vast image collection were taken by astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS), while others come from the Hubble Space Telescope that was launched into low Earth orbit in 1990 and has been sending back stunning hi-res images and critical data ever since.

The NASA multimedia website features a wide variety of still images, videos and information for those interested is space exploration The website’s vast collection of images includes downloadable photographs, complete with EXIF/camera data for many of the images.

When you visit NASA’s online multimedia gallery you can view images from the Hubble telescope, as well as explore mission galleries with photos of Pluto, Mars, and Saturn. NASA also has a Flickr page with gorgeous images from space missions and the Kennedy Space Center.

As you view these beautiful images, looking both toward and away from our planet, you will be humbled and reminded of the small place we occupy within the universe.

If you’re a regular visitor to our website (and we sure hope you are), you’ve no doubt noticed that we feature NASA regularly. And that’s because stories about NASA’s space program are so popular with our readers.

And speaking of popularity, this story featuring NASA photos of Mars ranked 2nd among our most popular stories of 2016.

If you’re as enthralled by these images as we are, you can see more by visiting NASA’s multimedia website, their Instagram pageImage of the Day website, and their Flickr page.

And if you're interested in what it takes to capture these fascinating images, be sure to watch the video we posted in which astronaut/photographer Jeff Williams discusses the equipment and techniques he uses to capture amazing images from the ISS.

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