These May Be the Dumbest Terms in Photography: Watch This Video and Try Not to Laugh!

Sometimes you have to wonder who came up with the terminology used to describe how cameras work and the way we make pictures. In this humorous video, photographers Tony and Chelsea Northrup reveal what they think are among the dumbest terms in photography.

This obviously isn’t one of our typical tutorials on shooting better photos, or editing images in Photoshop. Rather, it’s meant to be a funny respite from whatever you’re doing. So sit back, take five minutes to watch the video, and have a laugh on us.

The false outrage in this video has to do with such terms as “stops,” used to describe a logarithmic measurement system dating back to 1858. Or how about “ISO,” an acronym for the International Organization for Standardization, that the Northrups insist could be far better explained by a term that makes more sense?

There’s also the infuriating, stupid sequence of numbers known as “f/stops,” that nobody understands (unless they’re familiar with the concept of the square root of 2). So take a look and see if you can come up with any other dumb terms that the Northrups missed.

You can find more tips, tricks and humor on the Tony & Chelsea Northrup YouTube channel. And speaking of “dumb,” check out our earlier story with three silly mistakes that all novice photographers make, with tips on how to avoid them.