These Are the Best Camera Settings for Landscape Photography, According to Serge Ramelli

Serge Ramelli is a professional photographer and educator we turn to again and again for great photography tips and advice. In the below video he shares his favorite camera settings for shooting landscape photos.

While Ramelli is based in Paris, France, much of this clip was shot in Los Angeles and the coast of California.

“Right now, I’m here in Hollywood and I want to show you a few photos and how I take the photos, the exact settings I use in camera, and then retouch it with presets,” he says. Later in the video, he returns to Paris to edit the shots.

What you may surprise you is how dark Ramelli initially captures his landscape photos. He deliberately underexposes his shots because he doesn’t want to blow out any detail, knowing he can later recover detail in the dark areas in post-production. With blown out highlights, recovering detail is much harder.

You can download Ramelli’s Raw image files from this shoot, along with his free presets, here.

You can see more landcape photographer tips from Ramelli here and here, and on his YouTube channel.

Via Imaging Resource