These Are 5 Mistakes Beginner Landscape Photographers ALWAYS Make (VIDEO)

Here's a quick tutorial that beginning landscape photographers should check out below. In the video, Toma Bonciu, aka Photo Tom, explains five mistakes that beginner landscape photographers always make and how to fix them.

It's worth noting that it's not just beginners who make these mistakes but sometimes stubborn veterans as well. So, without further ado, here are the five mistakes Bonciu explains below, along with his advice on how to correct these errors.

#1 Not Bringing a Tripod

Advice Use a tripod even if it's an entry level tripod

#2 Photographing Everything

Advice: Slow down and start searching for subjects

#3 Including Too Much When Using a Wide-Angle Lens

Advice: Simplify your compositions

#4 Having Too Many Lenses in Your Backpack

Advice: As a beginner photographer take only one lens

#5 You Don't Dress Properly

Advice: Be prepared for the weather

Watch the video and then go check out Photo Tom's YouTube channel for more great videos.

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