The 5 WORST Editing Mistakes You Can Make in Landscape Photography

Do you ruin your landscape photos after you shoot them? Yes, Photoshop and Lightroom are both a blessing and a curse and overediting, under editing, or simply poorly editing photos on your computer can destroy a perfectly good image.

In below video, landscape photographer Mark Denney goes through what he calls the "five worst editing mistakes in landscape photography," and then explains how you can avoid them.

"When it comes to landscape photography, I think there’s two categories of mistakes, first you have your on-location and in-field mistakes and then you have your post processing and photo editing mistakes," Denney says. "I’ve always found on-location mistakes much easier to resolve as opposed to photo editing mistakes as post processing is a very subjective thing and it’s often hard to see mistakes in your own photo editing workflow."

In the landscape photography tutorial below, Denney discusses the nagging editing mistakes that have impacted his photographer over the last few years.

 "I’ve found these five mistakes to be the hardest for me personally to resolve for various different reasons," he says. "Some of these editing mistakes are caused by laziness when it comes to my own post processing workflow and others have to do with the fact that I struggle with identifying when I’m committing these mistakes."

Watch the video to learn what these five mistakes are and how Denney fixed them, and then go visit his excellent YouTube channel for more great landscape photography tutorials.