There’s Nothing Like These 1938 Portraits of Pretty Pin-Ups Posing Underwater by Bruce Mozert

The late Bruce Mozert was an American photographer who gained acclaim in the late 1930s for photographing pretty pin-ups posing underwater. As you can see, what made his portraits particularly unusual (apart from the fact they were shot underwater) was that his models were often posed as though they were going about their daily lives on land.


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Mozert was born in Ohio in 1916, and moved to Pennsylvania with his family while still a child. He eventually went to live in New York with his sister Zoe Mozert who was a successful pin-up model.


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The idea for these underwater pin-up photos came to Mozert in 1938 when he was on assignment in Miami photographing women’s shoes. He went to watch the filming of a Tarzan movie in nearby Silver Springs, and when he saw the crystal-clear water the project was born.


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Mozert’s unique photography was made possible by underwater housings he made himself. During World War II he served in the U.S. Army during which time he learned aerial photography.


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After the war Mozert returned to Silver Springs, where he worked as the town’s official photographer for the next 45 years. He spent his final years working in his Ocala, FL studio digitizing his images. He passed away at home in 2015 at the age of 98.


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