Take 90 Seconds & Watch This Amazing Slow-Mo Video of a Hummingbird Shot with an iPhone

As photographer Jessica Dyer writes about this incredible slow-motion video of a hummingbird: “Wait for it…and turn on the sound.”

Great advice!

Dyer captured the hypnotic, 90-second clip (below) of a humming bird grabbing a drink at a feeder with an iPhone 6s shooting at 240 frames per second at 720p HD.

“It's amazing how its head stays so still while it flies around,” she writes. “If you look closely you can also see its little tongue going in and out and the feathers on the back of its head being blown around by the wind from its flapping wings. I love the moment when normal speed slows down and the sound of its chirping and flapping wings also slows down.”

Amazing indeed!

Hummingbird Slow-Mo

Via PetaPixel