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Professional Wedding Photography
The good news (for photographers) is that all you need to get started in wedding photography is a business card and a camera. The bad news (for clients) is the same. Part of the renaissance in wedding photography in America's Heartland is driven by photographers with talent and skill who create images that capture the spirit of the event, not just documenting the fact that Aunt Kate was there. The American Professional Wedding Photographers Association (APWPA) is an organization that requires more than paying dues. You can read about membership requirements in the About section of their website ( but first visit the Photographers gallery to see state of the art wedding imagery.

The site design by Studio JK ( combines the essence of each photographer's work in its elegance and simplicity. You can click on page icons to view sample images or a slide show button to see a brief presentation, but the images are the star so click, look, and prepare to be amazed.

Joseph Keum's work contains elements of the drama and beauty of the late Rocky Gunn's wedding photography, but is oh-so this millennium. Suzanne Shaff takes Mary Ellen Mark's gritty photojournalistic touch and wraps it in lace and chiffon. The lush beauty and warmth of Bill Moore's images comes as close at it gets to capturing "the decisive moment" at a wedding. These are just a few of APWPA's members; look at all of their images and see for yourself how the face of wedding photography is changing.

The American Professional Wedding Photographers Association is an organization whose Photographers gallery contains photographs that are truly state of the art wedding imagery.
© 2005, APWPA, All Rights Reserved

Adventure Photography
Denise Rocco-Zilber has spent over six years on the converging paths of photography, design, publishing, and technology. Her site ( showcases her work around the world and the Portfolio section contains images made in Mali, Vietnam, Kenya, Cambodia, Laos, and the Amazon rainforest. A Flash Gallery featuring her trip to Mali can be accessed from the homepage and combines the essence of what adventure travel photography is all about wrapped in an interface that provides information about the images. It also displays her stunning photographs in an attractive, online fashion.
While the location may be exotic, Rocco-Zilber's lovingly crafted images never lose site of the people and their humanity, which are treated with respect while producing arresting images. The design, which never forgets that the focus of the site is on her photography, is by Wobe Productions ( In one of the most interesting synergies yet of photography and design, she is also the creator of a line of belts and buckles based on her images called The Urge To Adorn ( Like Rocco-Zilber and her photography, they're pretty cool, too.

Denise Rocco-Zilber is an adventure photographer who has spent over six years finding ways to place herself directly in the paths of the converging worlds of photography, design, publishing, and technology.
© 2005, Denise Rocco-Zilber, All Rights Reserved