Super Cool Lite 5 System

Interfit Studio Lighting has announced the the Super Cool-Lite 5 System. These units offer a convenient yet economical method of modern studio lighting, suitable for use with conventional still, digital or video cameras. They provide a soft, uniform diffused light. Ideal for portraits in a confined area or product photography, and can be combined with a light pod or pop up light tent. The company offers a twin head kit which features twin softboxes and 2 high contrast reflectors in the kit. The Super Cool-Lite uses daylight balanced lamps for excellent results as shared with the Prolite and Cool lite 3 ranges.

The Super Cool-lite 5 is easy to use with the equivalent of 500 watts from each of the Daylight balanced heads. The benefits of the Super Cool-Lite 5 heads are that they produce little or no heat. Each Super Cool-Lite 5 is complete with 5 x 24 watt lamps, a large 40 cm reflector and a 60 cm softbox & detachable power cables. The easy to use control panel allows individual lamps to be turned on or off.

The two kits offer:
1. INT 116 -- Output 5 x 24 watts --1 x head, 1 x reflector 40 cm (15½") , 1 x softbox 60cm (24"). (Single Head Kit)

2. INT 117 -- Output 10 x 24 watts -- 2 x Super Cool Lite 5 heads, 2 x Stands, 2 x reflectors 40cm (15½"), 2 x 60 cm (24") softboxes, 2 x power cables.

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