Sun Sniper Straps

Sun Sniper wowed the photography industry with its innovative camera straps - the Sun Sniper Pro and Compact. Both were a revelation to amateur and professional photographers alike. The ergonomic sling design, anti-theft wire and shock absorber are just a few of the unique design features that have set Sun Sniper camera straps steps above their competition.

Now Sun Sniper is announcing two new products to add to its impressive line of camera straps.

The Back-Pack-Strap allows photographers to transform their current backpack into a complete camera carrying system.

The Strap Surfer allows the same transformation to courier or messenger bags.

* The straps are equipped with the same stainless steel “Bear” ball-bearing camera connector that is standard on most Sun Sniper straps.

* The straps feature a shock absorber system to cushion from movement and allow for extra comfort.

* The steel anti-theft wire inside the design protects your camera from would-be thieves attempting to cut the strap. Sun Sniper is so certain of this technology that they provide up to $500 insurance if a thief should be successful at cutting through the strap.

* Comfort is Key. The camera settles perfectly at the side, and is weighted evenly by the additional support of the backpack or the messenger bag.

* The straps allow the camera to glide from the side of the user’s body to his or her eye in one easy motion.

The Sun Sniper Back-Pack-Strap (MSRP: $67) and the Sun Sniper Strap-Surfer (MSRP: $96) are available via the Bron Imaging website or through select retailers.

snapthepicture's picture

I'm a prof photographer and was so glad to receive both of my Sun Sniper straps. I travel internationally so liked the cable running thru them to keep someone from slicing your strap and running. The bearings allowing the strap to rotate seemed brilliant. However, within the first month, both my straps were dropping my cameras. Cost me a $2k 14-24mm F2.8 ED Nikon lens, $450 shutter release repair on one of my D3s, and $450 on my other D3s getting the lens mount replaced as well as the lens (70-200mm F2.8 VRII ED) mount on the lens itself both bent when dropped. I'm a big guy, I tightened those down too aware of how much. I would reach back to check it throughout an event, and it would be loose showing threads of the screw about to fall. Over and over that night shooting I found the screws loose and backed out of the camera a bit. I emailed them and they acted all concerned and asked me to send them the straps so they could have their lab in Germany analyze them. After a month of so and repeated inquiries from me, they responded. Basically the email stated that it was user error, not the fault of the strap. Get online and you will see the same story over and over. These are NOT good straps if you don't like dropping your camera.

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Had a long photo shoot. Got home at 10:30 p.m. and pretty dark in the driveway. My Canon 7D has been laying on the front seat of hte car. I begin loading everything to bring it into the house. I decide to place the Sun Sniper strap over my head to free my hands to carry more equipment. I place the strap over my head and let go of the camera and hear this distinct thud sound on the dark driveway. I was sick to my stomach. I couldn't see much but I knew exactly what had happened. My worse fear that this strap would eventually unscrew itself releasing my camera to fall to the ground had just happened.

I was always paranoid. Always checking the tripod mount screw constantly to make sure that it was still snug but apparently that was not enough. From the moment that I first opened the strap package and saw the design I thought to myself this device has no backup system if the screw fails. That expensive strap will never be attached to my camera.

So what a waste of my money. I did enjoy the use of the strap when it was still attached to the camera. But my attitude is that you only get one chance for your device to not fail and drop my camera and you did fail. So maybe they should add coverage on their insurance policy to cover camera damage when their device fails and drops your $2000 camera body. User error?? What a joke!!