SUN-MOVER Reflector

CALIFORNIA SUNBOUNCE has introduced a revolutionary pop-up reflector with tension like a drum skin. Two built-in handles, German elastic hem and an oval frame made of German spring steel create the “PERMA-TENSE” effect which keeps the reflective screen under permanent tension.

PERMA-TENSE is the new name for the synergy effect of the CALIFORNIA SUNBOUNCE frames and the elastic material, which keeps the reflective screen under permanent tension when in use. The SUN-MOVER folds up within seconds to 1/3rd of its size for convenient transportation.

Designed by a photographer for photographers, the CALIFORNIA SUNBOUNCE SUN-MOVER  can control the quality of light and redirect it into darker areas. With the SUN-MOVER, no extra lighting or staff is required. The two built-in handles and the permanent tension enable the photographer to hold the SUN-MOVER while shooting. The original SUNBOUNCE zebra/white screen produces slightly warm light whereas the silver/white screens produces neutral light.

The SUN-MOVER  is lightweight and as small as 85x79cm (33.46x 31.1 inches). It is easy to unfold and fold up; it fits neatly into its carrying case. Under very windy conditions, the two built-in handles can increase the permanent tension of the steel frame.

Wolfgang-Peter Geller, professional photographer and owner of CALIFORNIA SUNBOUNCE said, “The SUN-MOVER is perfect for all photographers who want a small, lightweight and easy to handle tool in order to gain their individual style and aesthetics. A folding device in its own carrying case, the SUN-MOVER  conveniently accompanies every shooting. Traditional pop-ups often potato-chip under windy conditions or after extended use. Such a bent surface cannot control any light; the result is uncontrolled and stray light. The SUN-MOVER, with it’s original SUNBOUNCE screens, made of the best reflecting material, is a perfect tool for professional photographers and serious amateur photographers.”