STROBIES Hotshoe Light Shaping Tools

Interfit is pleased to announce the arrival of a new brand, STROBIES, for use with many of the leading manufacturers hotshoe flashguns.

The new system is based around a specially moulded “Flex Mount” individually tailored for a secure fit on flashguns, without the aid of rubber bands, velcro or glue. Currently available to fit:

SGM100       Nikon SB600 / 800
SGM200       Sony F32X / Canon 430EX
SGM300       Sony F56AM Nikon SB26/27/28
SGM400       Canon 580EX / 550EX
SGM500       Vivitar 285HV
SGM600       Nikon SB900

At $7.99 each

STROBIES will be available in two highly specified kits; both will include 3 x FLEX MOUNTS of your choice.

Portrait kit STR100 $169.99.
Kit includes: Beauty Dish, Globe Diffuser Softbox, Barn Door, Snoot, Honeycomb Grid “20 Degree”. Each item is easily swapped without the need for removing the flex mount from the flashgun via the retaining clips and simply pushes on for a secure fit.     

EFX Kit $119.99
Kit includes: 2 x Honeycombs Grid 20 & 30 Degree, Snoot, Velcro Strap, Bounce Card set, Honeycomb, Bounce Tube. Ideal for use in addition to the Portrait kit, highlighting the background and creating visual effects.

Available from the beginning of May 2009