"Strap-Surfer” Guarantees Easier Carrying

With the new Strap-Surfer, the German company Sun-Sniper GmbH introduces the next revolution in savvy camera carrying and presents the most clever connection between a regular shoulder bag and a camera since the invention of the tripod adapter. With only a few simple steps, the Strap-Surfer is firmly attached to the shoulder bag and secured. The camera can then be carried right on the bag – the photographer no longer has to decide whether to take the bag or the camera strap and does not have to wear a strap over each shoulder.

The heart of this innovation is the "surfer," the aluminum connecting piece. The clever magnetic fastener secures the device to the bag's shoulder strap, so the camera is easy to reach and protected from theft. When the photographer spies a subject, he pulls the camera from his hip to his eye. Thanks to the "surfer," the Strap-Surfer surfs (glides) along the shoulder bag strap and offers all the advantages of the already very popular Sun-Sniper straps. After the shot, the user simply lets the camera return to his hip, and with only a single strap he can carry the camera and the bag on one shoulder.

The Strap-Surfer and camera are just as easy and quick to connect and disconnect: The photographer simply inserts the high-quality stainless steel fixing screw into the tripod socket of the camera or the lens tripod socket. The screw is a ball bearing that turns easily. It provides reliable hold in the tripod socket, because it can be extracted only with substantial force. The length of the Strap-Surfer can be adjusted as needed.

The Strap-Surfer is not only a comfortable way to carry a valuable camera with lens, it also protects from theft. The strap contains an integrated stainless steel cord that resists even a knife, a tool of choice amongst professional thieves.

The strap surfer is available from authorized retailers beginning March 15, 2012 or it can be purchased at www.sunsnipershop.com.