Stellar Xtreme AC/DC Battery Pack Enabled System

Interfit is pleased to announce the arrival of the Stellar Xtreme, the almost go anywhere battery pack enabled system. The Stellar Xtreme Flash is a new breed of flash aimed at all levels of photographers including social, event or wedding photographers. The Stellar Xtreme will provide excellent flash capabilities for outdoor scenes or provide ample lighting in indoor shoots.

Designed to compliment the Stellar X and XD ranges with full AC compatibility, the Stellar Xtreme enables you to go almost anywhere with the handy DC powered battery pack and carry case.The Stellar Xtreme is a very capable performer when powered by mains powered supplies. The Xtreme comes into its own when powered by the supplied lightweight battery pack and self contained charging unit, weighing in at just 0.80 kg (1.75lbs). A supplied carry case for the battery pack enables easy transportation.

Each full charge provides around 100 shots at full power or up to 300 shots on minimum power with a 300 watt Xtreme head enabling you to carry on shooting when the others have to pack up.

Available in two kits the Xtreme will be available from Interfit dealers during August.

Each kit contains:
1 x AC/DC Stellar Xtreme powered head
1 x COR751 Air damped lighting stand
1 x Xtreme battery pack with self contained charging unit and carry case (INT470)
1 x DC power pack to Xtreme head lead
1 x AC power lead
1 x Sync cable

INT473 150 watt Stellar Xtreme kit $379.99
INT474 300 watt Stellar Xtreme kit $429.99

Further information will be available on the Interfit Website shortly.