Sony Marks Entry Into Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera Market With New Branding

Sony has established a new brand name for its digital single lens reflex (D-SLR) cameras that will be launched worldwide this summer. Meaning "beginning" and "essential," the symbol ? (pronounced alpha) will be used. Under this sub-brand, Sony will produce a complete camera system of accessories and lenses.

The Sony Alpha system of cameras, lenses and accessories are said to integrate advanced electromechanical technologies that are key to D-SLR performance, the versatility of the well-established Maxxum lens mount system, and Sony's renown in imaging devices and technologies. These include CCD and CMOS imaging sensors, as well as other image processing technologies, in addition to overall product miniaturization. People who have already made investments in many of Konica-Minolta's lenses and accessories will be able to take full advantage of Sony's new D-SLR cameras.

Sony is already handling support and repair service for existing Konica-Minolta digital and film cameras, as well as related lenses and accessories in the U.S. A dedicated call center and strong levels of web support have been established for these customers.
There is more information available about the new sub-brand at Sony camera and related product support for Konica Minolta customers is also being offered at